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Wind Orchestra Syllabus 2017 Fall


MUS 269 / MUS 450—Fall 2017

Wind Orchestra (WO)
Prerequisite: Approval of Instructor

Through rehearsal and performance of a variety of carefully selected wind band and chamber wind literature, students will increase their knowledge and experience base with focus on professional outcomes and standards to service career objectives of future professional performers and educators.

The Wind Orchestra is open to all University of Illinois students on an auditioned basis. Ensemble placement and repertoire are determined by audition and faculty recommendations, and are intended to provide the most appropriate educational experience for each individual student’s development. This course may be repeated for credit.

Faculty Information

Conductor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Peterson
Office Room: Harding Band Building, Room 140

Bands Office: Harding Band Building, Room 140

Phone Number: 217-333-3025 (Band Office main number)
E-mail Address:

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully completed this course should be able to:

  • Perform at a high level of proficiency as a soloist, section member, and ensemble member;
  • Understand the concepts of good intonation, balance between melodic and accompaniment lines, balance between players, instrumental blend and tone color;
  • Understand the concepts of phrasing, dynamics, articulation, rhythmic precision and ensemble clarity as it relates to quality performance;
  • Appreciate quality wind band repertoire;
  • Work creatively and collaboratively with others;
  • Better understand the process of large ensemble sequential rehearsing and pacing in relation to short- and long-term performance goals

Rehearsal Schedule

Tuesday          1:00–2:50 Harding Band Building
Thursday         1:00–2:50 Harding Band Building

***The first rehearsal begins Thursday, August 31, in the Harding Band Building, Room 141.***

Expectations: Commitment and a positive attitude.  Come to each rehearsal ready to make music. It is my goal that each rehearsal is a musical one—an opportunity to get better as an ensemble and as a personal musician. I have worked hard to select quality repertoire that offers a variety of musical challenges to all players in the ensemble!

Rehearsal Etiquette: Occasionally, I will rehearse a section of music that requires only a small group of players. I will be very sensitive to your time and only call the necessary players to rehearsal.  There will be times, however, when you will be asked to attend and listen to your colleagues as it is important for you to know musically what is happening in the score. 

Most players will be called to the entire two-hour rehearsal. Please come prepared with water bottles (if necessary) and make all bathroom stops before the rehearsal begins. Plan to remain in your seat for the entire rehearsal—excessive moving around is distracting to all.  Finally, no hats or cell phones (in rehearsal or in concert). Texting friends during rehearsal is distracting to you and those around you.  Kindly turn your phone off or leave it in your locker during rehearsal.

Practice: You are expected to learn notes and rhythms before attending the next rehearsal. Our time together as an ensemble is about transforming the music to another level. The purpose of rehearsal is to learn what everyone else is playing—since you will already know your part as a prepared and dedicated member of the ensemble.

Sectionals: It is the responsibility of each section leader to coordinate and lead weekly sectionals. It is the responsibility of each player to attend these sectionals on time—stay for the whole time and come prepared. Because you are expected to be present at each sectional, section leaders will do what they can to schedule a sectional time that is convenient for everyone in the section.

Assignments:There will be occasional assignments that will require you to do additional musical work outside of rehearsal. These assignments are in addition to your practice and preparation of music and sectional time.

Attendance, Punctuality and Grading:
Attendance is required at all rehearsals and concerts.  No cuts are allowed. As you probably know, this is an ensemble—a group musical effort, therefore your presence (and personal preparation) is extremely important. There are three reasons for which an absence might be excused: family emergency, long-term personal illness*, or religious holiday. If one of these situations arises, please notify the conductor BEFORE the rehearsal. Any unexcused absence will result in a lower final grade, the severity of which will be determined by the conductor. It is up to you to arrange to get the folder to rehearsal. A missing folder will be counted as an unexcused absence for the person neglecting to get it to rehearsal. If you have one of these situations that prevents you from attending a rehearsal, it is your responsibility to find a sub for that rehearsal.

*A "long term personal illness" means that you are not able to attend ANY or your class meetings that day. An absence will not be excused is you simply aren’t feeling well before band rehearsal and wish to take a nap… If you are present in your morning classes, you should be in band. If your medical doctor tells you to stay home all day or for several days, you will be excused from rehearsal.

Punctuality is also graded. Plan on being early to the rehearsal site. Be warmed up and seated before the starting time for each rehearsal.

Grades will be based on:

1) Quality of musical preparation and participation

2) Attitude

3) Attendance and punctuality in rehearsals, sectionals and concerts.

4) Other occasional assignments TBD

Your presence at other band concerts given by the Hindsley Band and the Wind Symphony is highly recommended. Please coordinate your schedule so that you can support your colleagues by attending their concerts.  

Concert Dress:

Option 1

Black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, black dress shoes, and black socks.

Option 2

Floor-length black skirt, black pants (no denim), or black dress meeting all specifications. Long-sleeved black blouse. Black/dark pantyhose, black dress shoes, simple jewelry. No décolletage, bare shoulders, necklines, short dresses or midriffs. Open-toed shoes or sandals are acceptable with dark stockings or dark pantyhose.


  • Pencils are necessary at every rehearsal.
  • Additional equipment (i.e. mutes, mallets, etc.) is the responsibility of the student. Please have them whenever the music deems it necessary.
  • Recordings for most selections will be available online. Listening and study of this music is highly recommended for the purpose of gaining a perspective of where your part fits within the whole composition and affording yourself the fullest musical and educational experience. I will do my best to recommend specific recordings when they are available.
  • Music must be signed in and out of the Ensemble Library. I will let you know when new music will be available for pick up. Parts are usually due back in the library the day after a concert.

2017 Fall Concert Dates and Repertoire
Foellinger Great Hall, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Sunday, September 24, 3:00 pm (shared with Illinois Wind Symphony)

Julius Fucik, Florentiner March
Tielman Susato/Dunnigan, Selections from the Danserye (selected movements)
Dmitri Shostakovich/Hunsberger, Festive Overture (Combined Bands)

Sunday, October 15, 2017, 3:00 pm 
(shared with Hindsley Symphonic Band)

Eric Whitacre, Sleep
Tielman Susato/Dunnigan, Selections from the Danserye (all movements)
Percy Grainger, Mock Morris
Henry Fillmore, Rolling Thunder March

Friday, October 27, 7:30 pm

Homecoming Concert
Wind Symphony, Wind Orchestra, Marching Illini

James Curnow, Illini Fantasy
Aaron Perrine, A Glimpse of the Eternal

Sunday, December 3, 2017, 3:00 pm (shared with Hindsley Symphonic Band)

David Maslanka, Traveler
Julie Giroux, Bookmarks from Japan (selected movements)
Jacques Press, Wedding Dance
Johann Bach/Reed, Sheep May Safely Graze