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University of Illinois Band Day

Illinois Band Day 2016

Saturday | September 10, 2016 - 6:30 PM

We are excited and proud to host an Illinois Bands and Division of Intercollegiate Athletics tradition - the University of Illinois Band Day!  All high school band programs in the state of Illinois are invited and welcome to attend.  This exciting event allows high school students from across the state to interact, rehearse, and perform with the Nation's Premier College Marching Band - The Marching Illini as well as the Faculty and Staff from the University of Illinois Bands in the historic Memorial Stadium!  

Welcome & Registration

Band Day 2016 Official Schedule - TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

12:00 PM    Buses drop students off at the corner of 4th and sure to bring instruments and music.  Leave cases on the bus.

12:30 PM    Check-In begins in Memorial Stadium on the 50 yardline on the Press Box side

1:00 PM    All guard and dance teams report to the South Endzone to start working on routines

1:00 PM    All winds and percussion report to the sideline opposite of the Press Box | Sectionals

1:30 PM    Set the Band Day 2016 Drill Set - this will be sent to you before Saturday     

2:15 PM    Rehearsal Concludes!  If you do not show up in Uniform, there is time to change however that will need to take place on your buses

4:30 PM    Drumline Performance at the Harding Band Building

5:00 PM    Meet outside of the Armory for the Mass Parade of Bands March to the Stadium-optional

5:15 M  Parade of Bands from the Armory to Memorial Stadium

5:45 PM  Report to seats in Memorial Stadium and prepare for kick off

6:10 PM  Official Performance of the Illinois Pregame Show by the world famous Marching Illini

6:30 PM  Kick-Off between Illinois and North Carolina

8:30 PM  Official Halftime Performance with a Cast of Thousands - Please dress in your official uniform

  • Following Halftime, you are more than welcome to stay for the rest of the game or you may depart

10:30 PM    Game concludes and Bands Dismissed!

***Feel free to join us for our Post Game Concert 


Band Day Logistics 2016
  • Band Day Music shared via dropbox for participating bands - August 1
  • Concession Stands in the stadium will open following rehearsal for All Band Day participants
  • Drum Majors of each band will be placed around the perimeter of the field to assist in conducting
  • Field Placement Drill Chart
  • Guard Video Demonstrations 
  • Halftime Instructions
    • Leave your seats in the East Balcony with 7:00 left in the second quarter
    • Enter the field level via the South Tunnel
    • Once the clock hits 0:00 move immediately to the sideline where you will enter
    • Whistle sequence will start the process to bring all bands onto the field (64 counts)
    • The opener will be played towards the East Stands
    • Following the opener, whistle will sound, horns come down for 4 with MT, turn over your left shoulder for 4 counts to face the West Stands, horns come up the last 4
    • Production will be played to the West Stands - Press Box, horns come down in 4, MT over your left shoulder 4, horns come up facing the East Stands for 4
    • Closer will face the East Stands
    • Following the closer, 64 counts to exit the field and then depart through the South Tunnel
  • Memorial Stadium Map
  • Memorial Stadium Seating Assignments (Tickets will be distributed at check-in on Saturday)
  • Parking Information Map
    • All buses and trailers will unload at the corner of Fourth Street and Kirby between 6am and 7am. Students and directors will proceed to the South Tunnel entrance into Memorial Stadium

    • Once buses unload they need to take Florida to Lincoln and then to Pennsylvania where they will park between Sixth Street and Dorner Drive (on both sides of the street).  Parking staff will be there to assist in parking the buses.  If necessary we will use side streets on Pennsylvania to help with parking.  Pennsylvania from Fourth to Sixth will be open so I FUND pass holders can park in the Law Library so be cautious if you decide to go back to your buses after rehearsal in the AM.

    • Following halftime or the conclusion of the game, all schools, staff, band members,  will load on Pennsylvania 

Ticket Reservations for Parents, Boosters, Friends

Tickets for Band Day against North Carolina will be available for friends and family of all participating bands for only $16.  Order your tickets online beginning on July 1, 2016.

For more information, feel free to contact:

NOTE:  All tickets for participating band students, directors, and staff are FREE